U.S. Airmail: New Generation


The authoritative Scott's Catalog (Scott 2007 Us Specialized Catalogue of United States Stamps & Covers (Scott Specialized Catalogue of United States Stamps)) will consider a stamp an AIR MAIL stamp if it has those words on it, or if it has an aircraft "icon" on the stamp. We thus have a new generation of airmail stamps, in answer to a page earlier.

There are some differences. These NEW GENERATION stamps are self-adhesive, you can see the differences in the die-cut "perforations." Nevertheless, U.S. Airmail stamps are not extinct, and that is big news.

Grand Canyon

Image or picture of c135 airmail: Grand Canyon

This stamp was issued ar Grand Canyon, AZ on 1/20/2000. It was printed with an offset printing process. The rate of 60 cents is the overseas air mail rate for the first half ounce.

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