I have worked with CCDs in Semiconductor Metrology Equipment at Nanometrics and SiScan Systems. Both companies developed microscopy applications. I have started to collect information on the use of CCDs in astronomy.

I have collected:

Magazine References


A Practical Gude To CCD Astronomy by Patrick Martinez and Alain Klotz.

Vendor Information

My list of vendors will grow, as I find them, and have time to update this page. At this time, I cannot offer any comment as to the quality/performance of a detector, or the vendor.

Meade Instruments Corporation: Most noted for telescopes, they also sell binoculars, microscopes, and other instruments. They have all sorts of accessories for CCDs in addition to CCD cameras themselves.

Micro Luminetics, Inc.: They have chilled instrument grade cameras, for all instrument purposes.

MURNAGHAN Instruments: A source of accessories, filters, flip mirrors, etc.

Santa Barbara Instrument Group: A source CCD cameras and advanced optical instruments.

Last Modified: 25 Jan 2000

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