Tips For Building Your Career: Collect Business Cards

This is an Easy One

First, business cards are a two way street. It is customary to EXCHANGE business cards. To do this, you need your own. Let's consider this first. You need business cards

There might be a problem here. What do your own business cards from your company look like? If you are happy with yours, great! On to the next step. What if you are not happy with your cards, or your company has not given you any? The answer is simple: MAKE YOUR OWN!

Your business card will advertise you which is ample reason to create nice ones. Consider this, your personal cards should have your full name, address, phones, and an email address. You may add other nice pieces of info, such as degrees, or professional society memberships. It is up to you. But have nice ones printed for you. Nice designs can only help.

Lunch with who? Personal and business people in some reasonable mix. If you are trying to find a life partner, the business day lunch is worthwhile, as you get to see each other on a normal day basis. You can get some insights into the person. If you are meeting a personal friend, that is great too.

You need other lunches to meet people who may have a positive impact on your career. Here are some examples: Sales people from favored vendors. Hey they might even buy, and you get the latest information from them. What about members from professional societies? This could be a way to keep up-to-date with your industry.

Don't forget, take time to smell the roses too. Enjoy what you do. You owe it to your employeer or client to come back refreshed and ready to work, so don't over do it!

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Justin Milliun

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