Tips For Building Your Career: Using the web and social networking sites/technology

This is an Easy One - but it requires your attention

We will cover Linkedin, Facebook, twitter as well as blogging and conventional web sites, each of these will differ in their use and impact. Each has some unique aspect, so you may want to include all of them as part of your overall network-building strategy.


Linkedin` is probably the best professional networking site. It is worth the time and effort to fill in your personal content, and link to present and former co-workers, and others.

Linkedin allows entry of up to 3 additional web sites. If you are on facebook, twitter, or if you have a web site or blog, consider putting these links in your Linkededin profile. Doing this allows you to build credibility if you have other web sites telling more about you.


Plaxo` is another professional networking site. It is another opportunity to tell the world about yourself, and link to present and former co-workers, and others.




Your Own Web Site

Putting it all Together

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Justin Milliun

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