USA: Space Achiement Block of Eight Commemoratives

Image or picture the Space Achiement Block of Eight

These 8 stamps comprise a record of both manned, and unmanned Space Achievements from the United States.

At the center core of the block-of-eight is the planet earth. The four core stamps of the block depict a mission cycle of the Space Shuttle from launch, through landing.

The stamp in the upper right commemorates human exploration of the moon, and is among a group of US stamps to commemorate the Apollo lunar landings.

The stamp in the upper right corner commemorates the solar telescope used inproject Skylab.

In the lower left, un-manned planetary probes are commemorated with an image of Voyager passing Saturn.

Finally, to the lower right of the block-of-eight is an illustration of the Hubble Space telescope. TheHubble is so well know to the public as a source of remarkable deep-space images.

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