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Licensing A Silicon Valley Wafer

We have had requests for the Silicon Valley Wafers to appear on other sites. This is possible, if you wish any of the following images to appear on your site we must trade.

What we ask is simple: credit and a link to our main site, http://www.livefromsiliconvalley.com somewhere on the same page as the image.

The link to our site must be conspicuous and clear.

Here is a suggestion:

Wafer images are presented through the courtesy of www.livefromsiliconvalley.com, you are invited to visit them!

It would be nice if you could inform our webmaster where you use a wafer image. We might even add a link to your site if you tell us.

Oh, we wish NOT to promote explicit adult sites, or sites promoting hate or violence, as wafers are fragile.

So here are the images you may copy and use:

Image waving wafer, Silicon Valley
Image patterned waving wafer, Silicon Valley

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