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Borel Hill is located near Skyline Blvd., Californial Route 35. The hill is the highest point in San Mateo County with an elevation of 2572 feet above sea level. It is just short of a 1 mile walk to the top from a parking area near the intersection of Skyline and Page Mill Road. As you can see below, on a clear day we can see much of the San Francisco Bay Area from Marin County to San José.

September 16, 2000

To the East

Image or picture from Borel Hill

In the center of the picture is Stanford University. If you look across the bay, the highest peak in the background is Mt. Diablo.

To the West

Image or picture from Borel Hill

The coastal area is under fog, and from here above it, the fog on the San Mateo coast is bright white. The coastal fog provides moisture for the tree growth this side of the ridge.

To the North East

Image or picture from Borel Hill

To the north east we can see parts of San Francisco and even parts of Marin County. San Francisco is partially covered with coastal fog which is bright white. To the right in the picture are the East Bay hills above Berkley.

To the South East

Image or picture from Borel Hill

Near the center of the picture is NASA Ames, and Moffat Field. We can see just a small amount of San José, which is obscured by the hills in the foreground. The distant hills to the east include Mission Peak above Fremont.

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