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July 3, 2000

To Silicon Valley from Denver International

Image or picture of UA planes at Denver traveling to Silicon Valley.

It is a beautiful warm summer evening in Denver, Colorado. We are at the Gate on the B concourse in Denver International facing the A concourse.

In the foreground is a Boeing 777 operates as United Airlines flight 547. This flight will depart within the hour for San Francisco. We have heard a pilot describe flying the "tripple-seven" as "almost a religious experience." For passengers, flying the 777, the new Queen of the Skies may result in a near religious experience as well.

In the distance, to the left in this picture, under the 777 wing tip is a Boeing 757. It is United Airlines flight 739 having recently arrived from Kansas City. Within the hour, as well, this 757 will depart for San Jose, CA on an evening flight to Silicon Valley.

August 7, 2000

To Silicon Valley from Phoenix, Sky Harbor International

Image or picture of an America West plane at Phoenix traveling to Silicon Valley.

Mid morning at Sky Harbor International Airport in Phoenix, AZ. An America West 737-300 sporting the company's older livery prepares for departure as flight 2286 to San Jose International Airport.

From Silicon Valley

Image or picture of an Southwest 737 at SJC.

An early afternoon Southwest departure prepares for take-off from SJC at the south end of the main runway.

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