From Near Windy Hill

Windy Hill is located near Skyline Blvd., Californial Route 35. It is between the intersection of Skyline and California Route 84 to the North and Skyline and Page Mill Road to the South.

Sunday, September 17, 2000

The East: To Ames and Mission

Image or picture from near Windy Hill

To the east between the brush and trees we see NASA Ames, the south end of the bay, and the hills in the background include Mission Peak.

East North-East: Stanford and Diablo

Image or picture from near Windy Hill

In the foreground, center right is Stanford University. To the left, in the background a pine tree points upward to Mt. Diablo in Contra Costa County.

Santa Clara Valley

Image or picture from near Windy Hill

Much of San José and the northern part of the Santa Clara Valley is visible here. Mt. Hamilton is in the background.

To the East

Image or picture from near Windy Hill

Stanford to the Left, San José right, to the south. In the foreground are the foothills, mostly ranch and residential.

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