Along the Guadalupe River

March 17, 2001

San Jose's River

Image or picture of San Jose near the Guadalupe River

The Guadalupe River travels through the center of San Jose, here we look south as we walk along the path.

New Park by the River

Image or picture of San Jose near the Guadalupe River

We look north along the path of this new urban park.

Which Way, Left or Right?

Image or picture of paths in San Jose

Actually the left path brings us to the end of the park for now...

History and a 737

Image or picture of Heritage

Under the flight path of San Jose International airport, a small orchard tells of the heritiage of the Santa Clara Valley. Today, some of the trees in the orchard are in bloom.

Compost for the Gardens

Image or picture of compost

As the plane continues to the airport, we see compost for the Gardens.

Empress of China

Image or picture of roses in San Jose

In a nearby rose gardens, the Empress of China roses bloom.

It was a Neighborhood

Image or picture of old neighborhood

A short distance away we see evidence of the old neighborhood that was removed as it was in the SJC flight path.

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