A Walk to Stanford's Radio Telescope: March 10, 2001, California

It is known as The Dish. You may have seen it, while driving on I 280, to the east, atop a hill near Stanford. Although the hill is an academic reserve, you can walk the paths to the top, if you follow the rules. The ranger at the gate tells us that much wildlife has returned since dogs were banned; indeed we did see many birds and other animals. When you visit, stay on the paths, bring drinking water, and enjoy the view!

March 10, 2001

Part Way Up

Image or picture of Stanford, Ca

The paved path sweeps a long arc up the hills. We look back towards Stanford University, and see the East Bay hills over the bay.

The Dish

Image or picture of The Dish, Stanford University, Ca

Round the bend, here is our first view of The Dish.

Closer View

Image or picture of The Dish, Stanford University, Ca

Here is a closer view showing details of the radio telescope in the bright sun.

Down The Backside

Image or picture of The Dish and service building, Stanford University, Ca

From down the backside, we see the metal service building in the foreground, just below The Dish.

Look, San Francisco!

Image or picture of San Francisco from the Dish at Stanford, Ca

From the backside we can look north, and on a clear day (such as today) we can see San Francisco.

Going Back Down

Image or picture from the dish, Stanford University, Ca

Going back down as came, some large antennas, and a couple small optical observatories with Mt. Diablo as the highest peak in the distance.

Back Towards Stanford University

Image or picture of Stanford University, Ca

As we return to the gate, the tower and red tile roofs at the University are visible again.

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