Sally Ride Science Festival at Stanford University - 2003

It was a great weather for the Sally Ride Festival at Stanford University.

Sally Ride Science Festivals bring together hundreds of middle school girls for a festive day of science and socializing.

October 5, 2003

Mars Society at the Street Fair

Image or picture of Sally Ride Festival, Stanford, Ca

The "street fair" at the Sally Ride Festival was actually on a lawn. In the foreground you can see the table of the Northern California Chapter of the Mars Society.

Dr. Sally Ride

Image or picture of Sally Ride, Stanford University, Ca

Under the balloon arch, Dr. Sally Ride autographs her book for many happy girls & parents.

Young Mars Explorers

Image or picture of young mars explorers, Stanford University, Ca

Back at the Mars Society table, two young Mars explorers try on parts of the chapter's Mars Analog suits.

The Speech

Image or picture of Dr. Ride, Stanford University, Ca

In the distance Sally Ride gives a talk to all attendees.

Suited Up

Image or picture of Analog suit at Stanford, Ca

A Mars Society volunteer models the chapter's Analog Mars Suit.

Quiet Time

Image or picture of table, Stanford University, Ca

While almost everyone is attending a workshop or talk, we have some quiet time at the Mars Society table.

Near the End

Image or picture of Stanford University, Ca

As the day ends, many are still visiting the chapter table, and our Mars Explorer takes off his helmet. The Sally Ride festival was a great event; our chapter was pleased to be a part of it.

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