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Saturday, August 13, 2011

A Sand Castle

Image or picture of a sand castle in Santa Cruz

This afternoon we noticed this wonderful sand castle in the late afternoon in Santa Cruz, CA.

Another View of the Sand Castle

Image or picture sand castle in Santa Cruz, CA

Another view of the sand castle at Twin Lakes State Beachi in Santa Cruz, CA.

Facing Inland

Image or picture of a sand castle in Sant Cruz

We don't know who made it, no one there seemed to know.

Facing the Monterel Bay

Image or picture of a sand castle in Santa Cruz

With the Monterel Bay in the background, and the sand castle in the fore, we leave with this final view. This sand castle won't last long on the beach, but since we brought images of it to the web, we hope you enjoy it long after the beach reclaims it, in beautiful Santa Cruz, California.

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