Anahiem, California

September 1, 2009

A Smokey Sunset Over Anahiem

Image or picture of sunset in Anahiem.

Looking towards the west at maybe 6 PM, the smoke and haze from the fires to the north make for a red sunset.

September 2, 2009

Katella's Palms

Image or picture of palm trees on Katella.

It is pre-dawn, and dark - except for the lights on the palm trees that line Katella just south of Disneyland.

Bus Station Amid the Palms

Image or picture of a bus stop on Katella.

In the resort section of Anahiem, CA, the bus stops are a delux model shelter with roof and seats. Again, we see this one amid the illuminated palm trees of the early morning.

The Katella Entrance to the Anahiem Convention Center

Image or picture of the Katella entrance to the Anahiem Convention Center.

In the dark pre-dawn hours the Anahiem Convention Center is lit to a give an inviting but other-worldly look.

The Dome in Pre-Dawn Hours

Image or picture of the Anahiem Convention Center.

Looking down at at the dome of the Anahiem Convention Center. What planet are we on, and what century is it?.

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