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Santa Barbara, California

August 29, 2009

Pre-Dawn at the Station

Image or picture of Santa Barbara train staion in the pre-dawn.

Looking towards Carpinteria from the Santa Barbara rail station platform.

Train 768 Arrives in SBA

Image or picture of arrival of train at SBA.

Train 768, the Amtrak Pacific Surfliner approaches Santa Barbara from Goleta.

Fast Forward...

September 2, 2009

The SLO Bound Surfliner Stops at Santa Barbara

Image or picture of the Pacific Surfliner.

Train 775, the San Luis Obispo bound Pacific Surfliner stops at Santa Barbara.

The Wharf at the end of State Street

Image or picture of the warf at Santa Barbara.

In Santa Brabara, State Street ends at the Wharf.

Down the Coast

Image or picture of costal Santa Barbara.

Looking down the coast at State and Cabrillo.

A Path to the Station

Image or picture of a path to the Santa Barbara train station.

We are following a dirt path to the station from the backside.

Palms and the Hills

Image or picture of palms and hills of Santa Barbara.

Looking towards the hills, with palm trees in the foreground.

An Orange Moon

Image or picture of an orange moon over Santa Barbara, California.

The wild fires are still burning, and the moon is low in the sky to the south-east. This orange moon was seen from Santa Barbara at about 7:45 PM. You can also see Jupiter at the same elevation as the moon, just to the right of it.

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