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Q: What is this Picture Site about?


Silicon Valley. Any topic really. We try to give you some idea of the look and feel of the Silicon Valley Area.

Q: How often are pictures taken?


We attempt to take a picture each day. For many reasons, this in not always possible, sometimes we have more than a single picture per day.

Q: When are new picture pages published online?


We attempt to publish the most recent week of pictures each Sunday evening at this address:

When the new week is published, the pictures from the old week are moved to a page for that week, and all old pages are accessed through:

Q: Do you have pages on special topics?

A: Yes!

On the archive page we list several special topics, the topics include parks, education institutions, art, etc. Feel free to take a look!

Q: I like the site, how can I offer support?

A: Glad you like the site! Consider visiting our sponsors:

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Or try:

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